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Orna Glick

Orna Glick

Travel Writer

I give a new meaning to the term family travel.

I’ll share with you night hotspots at major cities, like: Berlin, NYC, London and Paris;


Best theme parks in Western Europe;

Awesome books to take with you to the hottest and most fun beaches in Europe;

And of course, I’ll tell you which hotel has the best concierge that will take care of all your traveling needs.


I’ll tell you all about the best ways to get to each destination, car, airplane or train.

I’ll give you all the knick knacks on where to shop in Rome and Dubai.

I’ll tell you which waterpark is best to go to in Belguim and what best rock/pop/techno festivals to go to there.

See you soon,
Orna Glick

let's travell the world together


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Orna Glick

Travel Writer

Thing is, every summer I pack up my hubby and kids and we spend July and August traveling through Europe.


So you can trust me as your worthy, secretive informant on all things fun for both parents (exhausted as may be) and kids.


In 2021-22 we traveled (always together like a Bedouin tribe hahaha) to: Belgium, Paris, Saint Tropez, Amsterdam, Berlin, Brogue, Rome, Antwerp (where my huhbby works), Venice (Italy) and Dubai.


I guess it’s safe to say we give a new meaning to the term family travel. So you can treat my recommendations as bullet-proof. And I would love to share our new, up and coming, summer 2022 recommendations and experiences.


So go ahead, dig in!

Notebook and Fountain Pen

A Writer

First and foremost, I am a writer.


I write about the traveling I do with my two kids and hubby.


I write about the hotels we stay at during our trips, museums that are great for both kids and adults, yummy restaurants that are sensible budget-wise and are welcoming for families...


In short everything that those traveling with kids need to know.

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